Eastland Bungalow, Rookwood Estate, Hewaheta, 20440, Sri Lanka.

History of the Eastland Bungalow

Since 1796


The British Empire takes control of the coastline of Ceylon.


The Last of the Ceylonese Kings - Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe is captured by the British Empire and that marks the fall of the Kandyan Kingdom. (A cave said to be used by the King to hide from the advancing forces of the British Empire lies a few kilometers from Eastland Bungalow in an area called 'Mahakelle'; Hewaheta is named after the last bastion of soldiers who protected the King. In Sinhalese 'Hewa' means soldier and 'heta' means sixty; hence 'Hewaheta' may have been used to identify the area that was home to last defenders of the King - whether it was 60 or more - only the King will know!!)


The first tea tree brought from China was planted at the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens.


A Scot named James Taylor planted the first 19 acres of tea in Loolecondra Estate marking the birth of Sri Lanka’s tea industry. (Loolecondra Estate is located on the road between Deltota and Hewaheta and is around 10Kms away from Rookwood Estate)


Commissioning of Rookwood Estate.


Addition of Eastland Bungalow.


Sri Lanka gains independence.


Islandwide Land Reforms implemented by the Government.


Last known inhabitants of Eastland Bungalow Mr. Brian Werapermall - also known as 'Uru Mahaththaya' and Mrs. Olivia Werapermall bid goodbye. She had this to say when the site was launched... "Clement, seeing your site does bring back some very fine and enjoyable memories of the place."


and here comes Clement....


Eastland Bungalow restored to its former glory....