Eastland Bungalow, Rookwood Estate, Hewaheta, 20440, Sri Lanka.


World's End
04 km Away

Can be covered within half a day and includes a 4km trek through the tea estate to Rookwood peak from where one can view the hamlet of Padiyapelella 2000-feet below. Rest areas are plenty and you can do it at your own pace, with the possibility of a picnic-style meal en-route with un-paralled views of the eastern mountains in your view. Not recommended for children below the age of 12 years, and for those with heart ailments.

Rookwood Falls
00 km Away

If you fancy a dip in ice-cold water and have the courage, our guides can escort you to the area’s highest water fall right in the heart of the estate. The time spent is entirely up to you, and a sunny day is the best to try it out so you dont get a chill.

MulOya Tea Factory
00 km Away

Visit the Mul Oya Tea Factory and get a first hand look at how tea is processed. Trips can only be arranged by appointment, hence check with the resident guides on availability.

James Taylor's Cottage
10 km Away

Situated around 10Kms from Rookwood at Loolcondera Estate lies the remains of the cottage used by James Taylor – the father of Ceylon Tea. Take a look at the (now mature) first tea-tree planted by the Scotsman in 1867 and trek along the scenic roads of the estate. A visit to the tea factory at the estate can be arranged on request.

00 km Away

A short drive away lies the hiding place of the last Ceylonese King – Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe. The cave said to be used by the King as he fled the advancing forces of the British empire is located on the outskirts of Hanguranketha and is now home to a Budhist temple. Please check with the resident guides for suitable timings.

10 km Away

A few kilometers drive from Padiyapelella lies a hamlet known as Mandaram-Nuwara which sees sunlight only for an average of 2 hours during the day. The town is shielded from sunlight by the mountains surrounding it, and is left in darkness for over 16 hours a day on average.