Eastland Bungalow, Rookwood Estate, Hewaheta, 20440, Sri Lanka.

Article Four

As always, any queries I am just an email/call away.
11 Aug

Almost there

A sigh of relief, yet a few more petty issues! 90% of the project is completed with lighting, carpets and furniture having made the trek up the mountain. I have no idea how they all got there but I am sure it wasnt an easy task and I dont think I’ll ever be able to thank them all enough for having taken on the task. Kamal the contractor is currently busy brushing things up and finishing off the little edges and gaps, together with some plastering work on the view point and I intend making a trip up to the site (my 4th within the last 2 weeks) on Friday to oversee progress. The lights (handpicked by my wife and the interior guru) have definitely given the bungalow a new look and I am hoping that I could get it all done by the middle of September. A team of photographers cum nature lovers from lakdasun.com made it up there last weekend and have offered some valuable tips and the next task will be the implementation of a master landscaping plan that will include herbs, vegetables and fruits. All in all, things are looking good at this point of time, and I am hoping that the next update will be the final and the bungalow will be ready to welcome you in.

As always, any queries I am just an email/call away.

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