Eastland Bungalow, Rookwood Estate, Hewaheta, 20440, Sri Lanka.

Close your eyes and imagine the sound of the rain, the sound of the wind brushing through leaves, the sound of running water and the sound of birds joyfully going about their daily chores.
Picture the sun rising through the mountains burning away the overnight dew, the clouds moving in perfect sync with the wind, revealing the blue sky that it has been shielding all night long.
Think about a world without pollution, a world without chaos, a world without stress and a world where nature is allowed to be free.
Interested? come stay with us and rediscover your love for nature at your own pace.

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Our Home

Eastland Bungalow is not a house, not a hotel and definitely not a business. It is our home in the old world and our connection with the beauty of Mother Nature.

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